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  • Brooke LeClaire, President Backing the Blue Line

Washing His Uniform & Guarding His Heart

I don’t do my husband's work laundry often. I offered once and he said he’d do it as he wanted it done “right.” Ooooo gotcha’s all yours.

He’s lucky I adore his sarcastic humor and find him so charming.

To his credit, he does in fact do it 99.9% of the time so I’m totally cool with his assessment of my laundry skills.

Since I hardly ever do his work laundry, it’s endearing to me when I do.

Today I took a moment to stand over his uniform, my hand over the plate that covers his heart. The same plate that has a picture of his girls taped to the inside, worn from years of the safety it provides, with the tattered writing “Come home safe to us always!” inside.

I couldn’t help but notice the area where it is formed to his exact body shape.

I could see where his body camera sits; something that has seen the deepest hurts that as a civilian I can’t even fathom.

I looked at the metal where his badge sits; the same shiny badge I pinned on seven years prior now worn from the years of putting it on. I saw where he slides his pen in; jotting down names of victims, listening to horrific accounts of rape, death, abuse and pain.

I saw where the sleeves are worn; extending his arm to help to those who are scared after an accident, or where his softness comes out with compassion for someone going through a mental health crisis.

I looked at the pocket revealing exactly where his cell phone sits; the same phone he uses to call us every night at 2030 so we can say “Goodnight, we love you, be safe!” Or in our one year old’s case “Be sase!”

As I held my hand on his chest plate, I closed my eyes and prayed:

"Lord, protect him. Not only keep him physically safe, but guard his mind from the things he sees and his heart from carrying that heaviness every day. Thank you Lord for giving me this man. As difficult as it is at times, I’d not want to navigate it with anyone else. Thank you for this life you’ve given us and the man behind this vest to lead us through it. "

About the writer: Brooke LeClaire is the current President of Backing the Blue Line. She has been with her LEO for 21 years and they have been married for 13 of those years. She is also a mother, Law Enforcement Chaplain, therapist and leader. A self-identified cheap wine drinking, potty mouthed lover of Jesus, Brooke leads our LEOW community with heart, soul and a sprinkling of sass. If you are married to a MN law enforcement officer or in a committed, long term relationship with one, we invite you to become a member of Backing the Blue Line. Tags:#backthebluePolice Wife LifeLEOW LifeBlue sisterhoodPolice Family LifeLEO family lifeMaking it workreality

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