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About BtBL



Backing the Blue Line is a locally founded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Minnesota dedicated to supporting law enforcement wives*. Law enforcement families live a unique lifestyle. Jennifer Whiteford, the founder of the group, recognized a need for wives to be able to share their experiences with each other.


The group offers a forum for law enforcement wives to find and provide hope and support for each other through friendships, networking, discussion, and service. Current committees include: Community Engagement, Fallen Officer Memorial Rose, Family Support, Marketing, Membership, Social Events, and Volunteers. We support the Minnesota law enforcement community by providing resources and emotional support to law enforcement officers and their families, and serving as a positive voice in the community. Together, we are backing those who represent the thin blue line.


*Women in a long-term committed relationship with a Minnesota law enforcement officer.

Mission, Vision, Value


Mission Statement


Backing the Blue Line unites the power of members and generosity of donors to honor and support Minnesota Law Enforcement officers, wives and families; We mobilize to provide services, labor and assistance during times of illness or work-related incidents.

Vision Statement


Backing the Blue Line's vision is to expand our reach to all Minnesota counties by increasing our supporters, volunteers and means to assist. We want our interactions to drive a high standard for how law enforcement officers and their families are treated during times of crisis and need.

Value Statement


Support those who BACK the blue. Honor those that ARE the blue.

Work in Action


We invite you to take a look at our 2021 BtBL Budget to see what we are doing as an organization.



BtBL funds, prepares and distributes blue memorial roses, as requested, at the funerals of officers who have died in the line of duty. BtBL then provides ongoing support for the wife/husband and family of officers who are killed in the line of duty.

Family Support Services


Family Support Services are open to all members of the law enforcement community and their families - not just members of Backing the Blue Line.  If you would like to request assistance, please use this online form. We will review the request and respond according to our Standard Operating Procedures. Below are just some of the programs we have started:

Social Events


BtBL plans several social events per month for our private members to utilize. These include couples dates, family days, mom & child play dates, picnics, dinners, movies, conceal & carry classes, conferences & retreats, running club, book club, our annual Wives SWAT Weekend, and many more to come! These events allow for the meeting and socializing among wives who live and understand our lives, as well as encourage continued relationships and friendships. Click here to learn more!


Backing the Blue Line (BtBL) strives to include all law enforcement (LE) families regardless of marriage, religion, gender, race, political affiliation or sexual orientation and does not discriminate across those lines when it comes to who we support and our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


BtBL has made a commitment to diversity in its membership and all females in a relationship with a MN law enforcement officer are encouraged to apply.

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