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Family Support Services


Family support services are open to all members of the law enforcement community and their families - not just members of Backing the Blue Line. If you would like to request assistance, please use this online form.  We will review the request and respond according to our Standard Operating Procedures. 




Family Support offers help and support to Minnesota law enforcement officers (LEO) and their families on so many different levels but we can not help them unless we hear about them. We need YOU to be our eyes and ears. Even if the officer or their family does not fit into one of the levels below fill out the form at the top of the page anyways because we ALWAYS send some sort of support. Just remember "When in Doubt, Fill it Out!" Here are a few of the different things we send support for:

  • When a LEO is injured on duty (whether it is big or small)

  • When an officer is injured off duty or has a serious illness (for example cancer, heart attack, stroke, car accidents, mental health, PTSD, we also consider other events that cause injury to no fault or control of the injured officer)

  • When a LEO's child is on hospice or has died When a LEO K-9 is injured on duty When a LEO is involved in a shooting (whether they are injured or not)

  • When there is a line of duty death When there is an unexpected non line of duty death of a current licensed and active LEO (for example heart attack, accident, suicide, etc.) This would not include retired LEO’s or deaths that were expected in nature (long term illness).


If you have questions or have an urgent need for yourself, your family or someone else, please contact our Family Support Co-Directors.


If you are a paid BtBL member and are interested in volunteering or helping with family support, please contact our Family Support Director for general information, or one of the Family Support Assistant Directors for event specific information: Christmas in June | Not so Blue Christmas.

Christmas in June

Christmas in June

One of the big projects we do each year is Christmas in June. Created as a spin off from our Not so Blue Christmas program, it is run very similar. Every April we take nominations for law enforcement officers and their families who may need a little extra help financially, physically, mentally or emotionally. Are they struggling with housing or yard projects that just keep piling up? Are they struggling mentally and emotionally from this hard lifestyle we all live in or maybe from life that just wont give them a break? Are they struggling financially? Maybe a family member has been diagnosed with some sort of illness and the family could use some extra help and love? We take nominations for all active and retired law enforcement officers and their families. In May, all paid Backing the Blue Line members will then vote on which nominee they feel is most deserving.  All names, departments and even genders are removed from each nomination story to keep it as anonymous as possible and voting as fair as possible.  "Winners" are contacted by the Family Support Leadership and then announced to everyone.

The entire Family Support committee spends the summer working with

and meeting the current needs of the chosen law enforcement officer and family.

Backing the Blue Line - Christmas In June
Injured Officer Support

Injured Officer Support

BtBL offers support to injured officers and their families in the state of Minnesota. Someone from our “Blue Angels” division will contact the departments of any injured officer to see what sort of services they may need. We will then work with the injured officer and their family as needed. BtBL also promotes and attends benefits.

Not so Blue Christmas

Not so Blue Christmas

Each year, Backing the Blue Line chooses a law enforcement family to sponsor for Christmas. We have in the past bought Christmas gifts, sent the family to concerts, paid for family camping trips, renovated houses, and much more. There are no limits to what we can do for our Christmas family and our response is based on their need. Learn More.

Eckes Family

2018 Recipients: The Eckes Family

“Thank you for your note of support that I received after our shooting. I can’t express how much all the support means. Thank you for taking the time to think of our department, I truly appreciate it. Take care and keep up the good work, it means a lot to all of us.”


— Officer involved shooting

“I’m truly humbled that you did this. Thank you for all you and your organization do!!”


— Officer with non line of duty injury/illness

“I received a heartwarming letter and gift card from Backing the Blue Line. I want you to know it had a tremendous impact on me, my wife and my parents. Thank you...”


— Officer with non line of duty injured/illness

“Thank you to everyone at BTBL for the care bag! This was a great surprise and moral booster for my injury. Thank you for everything you do!”


— Officer injured on duty

“Thank you so much for the donation made to my family at the time of the fire at our home. It was greatly appreciated.”


— Sgt. Craig Nelson

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