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Terms & Conditions

Request to Join Facebook

I have read the following:


Your Board of Directors are:


Contact any of us, any time with questions.


Become a paid member by visiting our Join the Backing the Blue Line page.


By joining you are eligible for insurance, vendor and merchandise discounts that well exceed the $25 membership price. You are also able to serve on any of our committees and to prep/handout roses in the event of an officer funeral. If you have any membership questions, please contact Membership Chair AshleiM.


One paid membership covers 1/2 the cost of one bouquet of roses sent to an officers family after a non-line of duty death, so more than anything you are supporting an injured/killed officer and their family with membership. Once paid, you will get a code for access to our Members Only website.


  1. If you would like to add a law enforcement wife/fiancé/girlfriend to this page, please complete the following:

    1. Add them to our Backing the Badge Private Group.

    2. Private Message them and ask them to fill out our "Request to Join Facebook" verification form.


No one will be added to our private page without BOTH of these things completed. Contact our Membership Chair with questions.


We have many committees to serve on should you be interested in getting more involved once you become a paid member.

  1. Family Support Committee (Sending care packages to injured/ill officers and their families)

  2. Social Events Committee (Planning social events for members and their families)

  3. Fallen Officer Memorial Rose Committee (Prepping and delivering roses for officers/K9's who pass)

  4. Marketing Committee (Helping spread awareness of our organization)

  5. Community Engagement (Helping raise money for BtBL and interacting with the community)


To see all the levels of support that BtBL offers to LEO families, see a copy of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)If you find out about a LE family in need, feel free to fill out our Request for Assistance form and we will act ASAP according to our SOP. Please note, that some of the services that we offer are only eligible to paid members.


We have tons of fun side groups based on specific interests:

  1. A Selling Page to list items/products for sale as this is not allowed on the main page

  2. A Prayer Group for prayer/devotionals or contact Katrina S

  3. A Fitness Group to join our current fitness challenges or contact Vicky M These groups are open only to those on the main BtBL page, paid and non-paid, just request an add.


We have our monthly board meeting the first Friday of every month at the Ramsey Co Water Patrol Building (5 S Owasso Blvd E St Paul, MN 55117) at 6pm. Paid and non-paid members are welcome and encouraged to attend (see the events section for more details on the next meeting). We usually do a happy hour after at a local establishment.


We have tons of other fun events going on throughout the year which you can see by visiting the Backing the Blue Line Calendar. If you hear of a law enforcement event, please notify us of it using the LE Event Notification form.


Posts to this page must remain positive, non-political, non-sales based, encouraging and supportive to the organization and its vision statement. Anything posted that is overly negative or encourages slander of a local business will be deleted without notice. Supporters (non-paid members of our page) and paid BtBL members are expected to communicate with respect to each other and our community in person and online. We also require that any incidents hit the local media before they are reported in this forum to give those involved time to be notified personally before reading things on Facebook. Members may be asked to remove themselves if they no longer fit the qualifications of membership or they no longer support our vision in a respectful manner.

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