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Not So Blue Christmas

Each year, Backing the Blue Line chooses a law enforcement family to sponsor for Christmas. We have in the past bought Christmas gifts, sent the family to concerts, paid for family camping trips, renovated houses, and much more. There are no limits to what we can do for our Christmas family and our response is based on their need.


2018 - The Eckes Family

  • We did a diaper/wipes drive and were able to get 26 boxes of wipes and 43 boxes of diapers ranging in size from newborn-size 6 donated

  • Multiple members within BtBL spent countless hours helping to fill the family care calendar over 3 months.  They helped out with childcare, errands, housework and meals.  

  • Over Thanksgiving we dropped off some winter boots for all of the kids that were bought off the Amazon wishlist and various gift cards donated by BtBL members and their families

  •  Saturday before Christmas we dropped off a brand new tv for the family that we bought with funds that were raised along with a movie gift basket, a gift for each child, some hair service gcs donated by a salon and a customized BtBL Not so Blue Christmas ornament along with a check for over $7600!

  • Christmas Eve night after the kids went to bed we dropped off over 45 gifts (bought off the amazon wishlist and a few solicited donations) for the family from "Santa." 

2017 - The Bohrer Family

2016 - The Valento Family

2015 - The Dwyer Family

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