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Police Week 2019: A Quick History and Minnesota's Events

Police Week is May 12-19, 2019. First recognized by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, it includes National and local events to honor, recognize, and celebrate the men and women who protect our domestic freedoms. And most importantly, to memorialize the officers who have given their lives to protect ours. The capstone of Police Week is Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 15th, which is designated to "... honor the Federal, State, and municipal officers who have been killed or disabled in the line of duty." While the focus of memorials is to honor those who have died in the line of duty, Backing the Blue Line also wishes to acknowledge the officers who have become permanently disabled in the line of duty. Their sacrifices are lifelong and impact many lives, including the wives, partners, and significant others who stand beside them.

National Events:

Washington, D.C., National Police Week, May 12-19, 2019. The largest event in the country, includes anywhere from 25,000-40,000 supporters and officers from agencies throughout the U.S. and the world. It begins with a Peace Officers’ Memorial Service and vigil to honor the men and women who have given their lives in service to their communities. It includes their survivors and countless supporters. The week includes a memorial service to K-9 officers, a church service, and 5K run, and much more.

For more information and for more details on the events, click

Police Week Tent City-Washington, D.C. This three day networking and celebration event is in it's 30th year in 2019. It includes big-named sponsors, raffles and prizes, tours, and commemorative gear. Check it out here:


St. Paul, May 14-15, Minnesota Police Officers’ Memorial. For 24 hours, uniformed police officers stand guard at the Minnesota Police Officer's Memorial to honor the service and memory of their colleagues and partners who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

To sign up for a shift or to donate a memorial wreath, click:

2019 Blue Line Ball. Backing the Blue Line's capstone fundraising event, May 18, Minneapolis, MN.

Volunteer opportunities still available!


Looking for more of Minnesota's Events?

Check out the map below for additional events happening in Minnesota during Police Week 2019

(click the map pins to see the info)

Just a friendly note:

If you can’t make it to Washington, and if the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial isn’t on the agenda-make it a point to show kindness. Be kind to a neighbor, pass on a compliment to a stranger, or send a card to brighten someone’s day. Know that simple acts of trust and care keep our streets safer and our communities hopeful. And if the recipient of your kindness happens to wear a uniform and badge? All the better.

Because truly-kindness, compassion, and the support for the critical role our law enforcement officers play shouldn't only be reserved for a week in May.



About the writer: Caitlin is a member of Backing the Blue Line member and currently serves as a Sub Chair of the marketing committee. She's also a SWAT attendee, a two time Blue Line Ball go-er, and a fierce "heart emoji clicker" in BtBL's private Facebook group. She is a middle school special education teacher and chief chaos coordinator of twin boys. Her dream job would be a talk radio DJ. But only if she could talk about the fluffy stuff. Her husband, a Minnesota State Trooper, has been in law enforcement for 10 years. He is literally and figuratively the brakes to her lead foot.

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