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And Here His Dinner Sits

On a recent Sunday evening around 7:30pm, The Mayor (the nickname for our son) and I had already finished our meal. My LEO wasn’t home yet even though his shift was supposed to end at 6pm. And here his dinner sits...

(Empty dishes hang out next to her officer's full plate waiting to be warmed up. Lesser wives would have poached those delicious shrimp! Photos courtesy of the writer.)

He works 12-hour shifts...6am - 6pm and I know that when the phone rings shortly before the end of his shift, it is usually a sign that he is going to be late. Sure enough, the phone call at 5:55pm didn’t “disappoint”. He had one in custody and was taking him back to jail. Why? Because the guy couldn't keep his hands off of his now ex-girlfriend. NOT NEW TO THIS GAME

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary back in June. It’s not like I’m new to the game of “I’m going to be late tonight,” but for some reason, it hit me hard recently. It could be that a local Law Enforcement family lost a loved one, it could be that it's his work weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and he got out of work late all three days. Or it could just be because I missed him.

  • Yep, I chose to marry him.

  • Yep, he chose to protect and serve.

  • Yep, I am very understanding of the long hours and necessity of working late and I rarely complain.

  • Yep, I have accepted that he will not be at all family functions.

However, as one of my blue sisters said in a message to me, it sometimes gets old sharing our LEOs with other people. Our LEOs are “real people” and so are their wives, husbands, significant others and children.

(The Mayor and his Mama on a dinner date at home without Daddy.)

While it bugged me tremendously this night, I am 100% thankful that he returned home to us safely and I am also aware that there are other families around the state and across this nation whose loved ones will not be returning home.

I will continue to make dinner hoping that the three of us will sit down together and eat as a family. But if it isn’t possible because he was helping other people, then I will accept it and continue to be proud of him for the job that he does so well. And there his dinner will sit until he gets home.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Matthew 5:19

About the writer: Gretchen has been a member of Backing the Blue Line for about two years. In January of 2019, she took on the role of Director of Volunteers and in addition to that, she was also a member of the Blue Line Ball planning committee for 2019. She loves participating in activities that support the mission of Backing the Blue Line. She is about to begin her 22nd year as a middle school math teacher. Gretchen and her husband have been married for 13 years and have a 5 year-old son. Ironically, she and her husband were hired the same year (and met at her school). Her husband is in his 22nd year at the very first agency he was hired at. In her spare time, she is an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts.

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