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  • Meg Boche, Backing the Blue Line Member

Officers Off Duty: The Softer Side Many Don't See

I grew up as the daughter of a prison guard. I always looked at my dad as a prison guard when I was growing up and he would always tell me, “I’m not a prison guard it’s just what I do for a living. I like my job but I’m not a prison guard.”

I never really understood what he was trying to tell me until I became a Reserve Police Officer and eventually police wife. There’s so much more to these heroes behind the badge.

(Above photo by Miranda Aubart Photography.)

A fellow police wife recently posted a photo in our group of her husband holding their sleeping infant with the caption reading in part “If only everyone could see the gentle side of Law Enforcement” and it really hit home that these wonderful and brave individuals are more than a badge, a kevlar vest and a gun.

These men and women, while they love their jobs, they’re not just police officers.

These men and women are mothers and fathers. They’re husbands and wives. They fish & hunt, they do homework with their kids and crafts with their wives. They snuggle their kids and hold their husband or wife’s hand.

These men and women are step parents, parents to fur babies and care givers to their parents. These men and women often times love and accept children, often times with special needs as if the child is their own and never bat an eye.

These men and women that we call police officers are sisters, brothers and friends. They are mentors and soccer coaches. They have hopes for their families and dream of retiring with their spouse and watching their grandchildren grow up.

Often times we forget that here are hearts and minds behind the badge and Kevlar vest.

There’s a real human behind that badge. With real people and animals who love and support them.

About the writer: Meg has been with her law enforcement officer husband for 9 years and between them, have 4 children. She has been a member of Backing the Blue Line since they were married in 2014 and she serves on the Family Support Committee. She is also a backup Blue Angel for Dakota County. She also loves photography, hunting and fishing with her family and does mom/wife/step mom life while also working as a medical assistant. About the photos: All the photos in this post are shared here with the permission of the Backing the Blue Line members who submitted them. These brave women deserve our thanks for the courage to share their loved ones with the world. Being part of a law enforcement family comes with its risks and yet the real Minnesota law enforcement families pictured here value a connection with our communities that they are willing to put themselves out there to give us a glimpse of life behind the badge. Our sincerest thanks to the strong, brave and funny women of the private Facebook group for Backing the Blue Line who contributed their photos and gave permission to share them here. They represent all corners of our great state and come from a variety of backgrounds. We also invite MN police wives/significant others to become a member of Backing the Blue Line and join our private Facebook group to take advantage of all membership benefits and have additional opportunities to give and receive support.

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