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SuperBowl 52 Edition of "You Might be a MN Police Wife If..."

Living the law enforcement lifestyle, while our beloved state plays host to SuperBowl 52, is NOT for the faint of heart or those who get weak in the knees easily. It takes equal parts independence, strength and resourcefulness whipped together and topped with a whopping dollop of good humor to survive and thrive during this time leading up to the Big Game.

Balancing schedules, raising children, attending events alone are nothing new to those of us married/engaged to/in a relationship with a law enforcement officer (LEO). So how is this different than any other time? SuperBowl 52 is Minnesota's time in the international spotlight. We are hosting the NFL teams, their fans, spectators, celebrities plus media members, and all the support teams that work behind the scenes too. In addition to all of those folks, we are also hosting scores of federal law enforcement agents and members of our armed forces who are here to ensure a safe and secure event. So while our LEOs are working long hours, and often in below zero temps, it's our duty to keep things running on the home front. Most times we do this without complaint. And we also do it with pride.

We are proud to be the women who love and support the men and women behind the badge.

This lifestyle can be lonely at times. Each police wife/girlfriend/domestic partner can think of at least one time they’ve wished that their non-police friends would “get” what this lifestyle is really like.

One Friday night, to pass the time while LEO hubbies and wives worked, a discussion on the Backing the Blue Line private Facebook group was started with the statement "You Might Be a Police Wife If.." and responses to share here were solicited. We sifted through the hundreds of responses and selected the best and most common responses to share here on the blog. Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two if you missed them earlier. BEHAVE YOURSELF, DON'T SAY VULGAR THINGS ABOUT MILLIE & PASS A TISSUE If you are passing through Minnesota because of the SuperBowl, we want to welcome you! Behave yourself, don't say vulgar things about Millie and pass us a tissue when we get a little teary-eyed over our Vikings not making it. Do those 3 things, and we'll welcome you back anytime!

If you are here because you live in Minnesota, we are thrilled to have you here too! Thank you for taking an interest in your local law enforcement community. We hope you will grab a hot cup of coffee and chuckle along with us as we share a slice of our life. We would love to see you at our 2018 Blue Line Ball in May! Without further ado, we give you:

YOU MIGHT BE A POLICE WIFE IN MN DURING SUPERBOWL 52 IF... cashed in on vacation time to avoid working downtown the week before the SuperBowl so you could pick up your little ones from daycare on time and avoid gridlock because you know your husband won't be able to. ...your kid sees more of dad on FaceTime than in person. Oh, who are we kidding? That happens all year long. Not just during SuperBowl week. are trying to make plans with a friend and when discussing a possible date, the conversation starts like, "Well, it was my Monday, his second Wednesday, so it must have been Saturday." don't find it rude when talking on the phone and mid-conversation he says "gotta go" and hangs up on you. You find out later it's literally because the Eagles just landed and he had to meet the plane. ...your husband has a special email and Facebook login for prostitution, you know about it and you don’t even bat an eye. (Human trafficking increases around the SuperBowl and there's a special task force that is working hard to arrest the men who buy sex and to provide safe havens to the women and children victims of trafficking. Learn more at Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force.) catch your LEO shopping for a gps tracker for your almost 2 year old because he thinks she is a flight risk. (See also above. Human trafficking is no urban legend.) try to time your Target run to when Justin Timberlake may be there.'re the only wife on your block that shovels the driveway because your husband sleeps during daylight hours. We are proud that this year's SuperBowl will be the coldest on record! ... you go on a crafting weekend and all the clothes you packed to wear had something to do with the thin blue line and everyone there asked what that means.

...your three year old son says "Mommy, daddy's gone too much. Should we find a new one?" are rooting for the Patriots. Because, Tom Brady. He's got Minnesota roots, dontcha know? And we love their logo colors. ...When your kids ask you to make a duty belt like daddy! (Duct tape for the win!)

...the only reason you will be watching the SuperBowl is to see if you see your hubby on the field, working security. And count how many cheerleaders flirt with him.

...your SuperBowl Sunday party guest list consists of other police wives and their children.

...when you see the below quote and immediately think of all the amazing women you have met through Backing the Blue Line and text it to your favorite blue sisters with a note of encouragement.

AND THE BIGGEST INDICATOR THAT YOU ARE A MN POLCE WIFE DURING SUPERBOWL WEEK IS IF.. plan to shop for your 2018 Blue Line Ball dress with some of your LEO's overtime earnings. (Because you've already bought your tickets, reserved your room and sold a bunch of raffle tickets.)

About the writers: Thank you to the strong, brave and funny women of the private Facebook page for Backing the Blue Line who contributed their photos and answers and gave permission to share them here. They represent all corners of our great state and come from a variety of backgrounds. However, they have a lot in common: they love a police officer, they are smart, they are brave, they are strong, they are independent and they want to make a positive difference in the community.

The purpose of the private Facebook page is to unite a community of police wives and significant others to provide a community of support through friendships, networking, and discussion. It is also for raising awareness of the need to support our unique lives and share the bond that comes with being a law enforcement family. If you are a MN police wife/significant other, we invite you to join us over there. Please note that it is a closed/private group due to safety and security concerns. As such, all Facebook private group members must be approved. Visit Backing the Blue Line on Facebook for information on joining.

We also invite MN police wives/significant others to become full members of Backing the Blue Line to take advantage of all membership benefits and have additional opportunities to give and receive support.

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