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You Might Be a Police Wife If....Part 2

Living the law enforcement lifestyle is NOT for the faint of heart. It takes equal parts independence, imagination and ingenuity combined with a dash of humor and a whole lotta love for your LEO.

Rather than wallow too much in the hard parts of law enforcement life, wives/girlfriends/partners often turn to humor to get through tough moments and remind themselves how this lifestyle is unique and, at times, a source of entertainment.

One Friday night, to pass the time while LEO hubbies and wives worked, a discussion on the Backing the Blue Line private Facebook group was started with the statement "You Might Be a Police Wife If.." Hundreds of responses were received and some of the best and most common answers were selected to share here on the blog. Check out Part One for some of the other goodies. Look for the third one next month!

Thank you to the dozens of Minnesota police wives who contributed to this post through a discussion on the private Facebook page of Backing the Blue Line. If you are a MN police wife/significant other, we invite you to join us over there. Please note that it is a closed/private group due to safety and security concerns. As such, all Facebook private group members must be approved. Visit Backing the Blue Line on Facebook for information on joining. Police wife or not, we invite you to grab a cup of something warm and chase away your post-holiday food coma by spending a few minutes with us imagining how...

YOU MIGHT BE A POLICE WIFE IF...'re on the phone with you LEO and you ask him: "So how long are you going to be in jail?" And then you realize your coworkers don't know he's working the transport paddy wagon.

... an afternoon out includes a stop for a little “dope work” or you come across perfect place to “lay a track.” Yes, you just might be (or have been) a K9 spouse.

(Photo of Isanti Police Department K9 Raider courtesy of Johannah Jade Photography. Read more about Raider here.) make plans with others, but always have a disclaimer “unless something happens.” go out for a date night and run into two guys he recently arrested...and one of them comes over to say thank you. …when you go anywhere he picks his outfit by if the shirt will cover his gun.

…you have at least 50 police related shirts in your home. …you can't eat at restaurant because your LEO just arrested the cook. Or there are people sitting near you that you can just tell he knows “from work.” …you always have to sit with you back to the door at a restaurant and can't pick just any seat. …you have to tell him to pull his shirt down in the pediatrician’s office or parent teacher conferences because his gun is showing. …you take your kids out for dinner and you sit facing the entrance as your LEO has encouraged you ‘in case something weird happens’ and, while you are in the middle of dinner, you begin to panic as you look around. There is no rear exit! If there is an active shooter, the only way out is at the front of the restaurant and then you wonder what idiot designed the place and what you would now do in such a case. …instead of asking him what time his shift will end, you ask when he's 10-7. …you start yelling at cars when they don’t pull over for a LEO/trooper on the side of the road when you see someone pulled over. …you frequently get asked if you’re still married since you are always solo at holidays and other events. …your 2 year old replies with, “Copy!”

… you come home and find an air mask thawing out in your kitchen after a dive team call out in the middle of January. …your husband has a little notebook full of unfamiliar names and numbers and it doesn't faze you. …when you're out of town and while checking in to the hotel he turns to you and says, “I wonder how much meth goes for around here?” YOU MIGHT BE A MINNESOTA POLICE WIFE IF... ask the officer who pulls you over if their spouse/significant other is a member of Backing the Blue Line.

About the writers: Thank you to the strong, brave and funny women of the private Facebook page for Backing the Blue Line who contributed their photos and answers and gave permission to share them here. They represent all corners of our great state and come from a variety of backgrounds. However, they have a lot in common: they love a police officer, they are smart, they are brave, they are strong, they are independent and they want to make a positive difference in the community. The purpose of the private Facebook page is to unite a community of police wives and significant others to provide a community of support through friendships, networking, and discussion. It is also for raising awareness of the need to support our unique lives and share the bond that comes with being a law enforcement family.

We also invite MN police wives/significant others to become full members of Backing the Blue Line to take advantage of all membership benefits and have additional opportunities to give and receive support.

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