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Just another day as a police wife

Often times you hear about the serious side to being married or in a long-term relationship with a police officer. The late nights, the worrying and the unpredictability of their job that can dominate our thoughts from time-to-time. While those things do happen, there is also many humorous and exciting things we hear about and even experience ourselves. Often times the stories from my husband that I pass on to my family and non-law enforcement friends are met with the intense stare followed by many questions. Being a police wife for over ten years has given me many memorable experiences and stories to tell, but I’m going to narrow it down to a few random ones to hopefully bring a little humor to your day.


One night around bar close a call came out of a group bar fight. My husband hit the reds and we made our way to this bar on the East side of town. There were a group of guys shoving each other into tables. My husband and the other officers that were following close behind got out of their cars and broke up the shoving match. One of the fighters was placed in the police car that I was in while my husband went to help the other officers. The seats in the squad cars are pretty big, so I was able to go unnoticed while Mr. Fighter sat in the back mumbling to himself. After a few minutes, I turned around greeting him with a friendly, “Hi!” I think I scared the heck out of him. After the “what are you doing in here?” questions he asked me, we had a nice, but short conversation while we were waiting for one of the officers to come back. He was eventually released after it was determined no one wanted to press charges. I'll never forget that brief moment, and I'm sure he won't either.


Like a moth to a flame, it is pretty inevitable that when my husband stops at home on duty to pick up some lunch, I feel the need to knock on his chest, right where the trauma plate sits. Why do I do it? Probably for the simple reason that I can. I don’t see him in his full uniform very often because he usually leaves it at work, so it’s just one of those right-of-passage things that I do as his wife. If I were Jane Schmo off the street and did that, I would probably be in quite a lot of trouble. Did I mention that it annoys him? Because that is a good reason too.


I always try to encourage him to talk about his day, because when anyone sees what officers see on a daily basis, it’s good to talk about it. One night after work he was telling me about the amount of suicide calls that he has gone to in the last couple of weeks. As you can imagine, these types of calls would shake up the average person for a quite some time. However, once he finished telling me about his day, he leaned over, kissed me and fell asleep. How can someone go from talking about these types of calls, and 2 minutes later go on with their night like normal? I would be up watching some feel-good Disney movie with butterflies and talking mice to shake the images in my head. It’s not that he’s cold-hearted or doesn’t care; it’s that he has to turn off those parts of his day or it would eat him alive. As his wife I know this, and therefore it’s just another story and another day in the life of a police wife.


One Saturday evening my kids and I were close to my husband’s PD, so we decided to stop by the PD to say hi. The office was pretty quiet because it was the weekend. His shift was almost over, so he took them on a little tour of the office and asked my oldest what she’d like to see. “The jail!” was the first thing out of her mouth, so we visited the holding cells where no one usually is. It’s a fairly small area of the PD with three rooms that temporary holds those arrested for a DUI. As usual, the room was empty, so he let them go into one of the cells. He shut the door, and we both waved through the door window at them. After they decided they had had enough, he went to unlock the door and realized the jail staff had changed the locks. My two little children were locked in a jail cell. Oh how many times I would have loved to do this during a tantrum, but now that they were ACTUALLY locked in the jail, I wasn’t as amused. After a few minutes of fumbling through drawers at the desk, my husband found the new keys and we were able to let them out. Parents locking their own kids in jail is probably an experience most kids will never have.


My husband was going through Skills training when we were engaged. One weekend afternoon he put a DVD in and sat down. I thought we were going to watch a movie, but he had another idea. The video started with him in his training shirt and two guys holding onto each arm. Just then the taser went off and down to the ground he went. I really wasn’t expecting that, so it kind of freaked me out. After he explained what the process was, I was more at ease with it all. I should have known that this was the beginning of many years of crazy stories and experiences just being married to a police officer. I wouldn’t change a single minute of it either.

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