Where do those that spend their careers helping others turn to when they need help? The job of a police officer can be extremely difficult both physically and mentally. If you are an officer and are going through a difficult time, please reach out for the help that you deserve. Backing the Blue Line has a list of professional and confidential mental health resources available for those that need it. 

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  • Police chaplain and wife

  • Will travel throughout MN to see officers

  • Private pay/does not bill through insurance for privacy

  • Does individual and family counseling as well as chemical dependency assessments and referrals.  

LE-AST Services (Steve Wickelgren - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

  • Retired Minneapolis police officer specializing in trauma, depression and crisis intervention

  • Based out of Minneapolis, MN

  • Offers private pay discounts for LEO's

Brent Richter Consulting (Brent Richter - Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor)

Sonya Eastham - Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Michael Keller - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  • 612-600-9528

  • www.psychologicalserviceassociates.com

  • dr.michael.keller@msn.com

    • Retired MN law enforcement officer specializing in PTSD

    • Based out of Cambirdge, MN

Sarah Thoeny - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with Illumination Therapy Center 

Under the Shield Foundation

  • 855-889-2348

  • http://undertheshield.com/

  • 24/7 anonymous phone line to call for help for police officers, run by non-mandated reporters

Tara Tait - MPAS, PA-C Physician Assistant Certified - Associated Clinic of Psychology (West Metro Location)

  • 952-378-1800
  • 1155 Ford Road, Suite B, St. Louis Park, MN
  • Husband is a Sergeant for a MN agency


Other Resources

  • PTSD Facts and Resources. http://bit.ly/2gnqSKu and http://bit.ly/2fLaHmX

  • Blue Watch. http://bluewatchus.org/:  Blue Watch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity serving law enforcement officers and their families. Their mission is to encourage officers to take care of themselves so they can care for their community. Officers may be reluctant to utilize available wellness resources within their own department. Specialized resources may be nonexistent or difficult to navigate.  Their goal is to connect officers with vetted support and assistance as part of a comprehensive preventative program that will improve the overall health and wellness of our officers and their families.

  • Courage Service Dogs. http://www.courageservicedogs.org/ Founded in 2013 by Lisa Burkett, Courage Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting Minnesota residents who have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of trauma experienced in the line of duty. 

  • Solider 6. http://www.soldier6.com is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. We are based in Minnesota and our mission is to provide honorably discharged veterans and police officers specially trained K9s. These special dogs will become their battle buddy and help guide them through the difficult days in life.