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  • Pat Chelmo, A Minnesota Law Enforcement Officer

May They Never Walk Alone; May They Never Be Forgotten

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Humility, Pride and Gratitude are all feelings that come to mind as I polish my brass and shine my leather. In some sense, it is almost mechanical, these preparations. The coming days and nights will not be easy for me, yet they will be easier than those being lived out by others. Their's aren’t just a matter of standing vigil or walking a line. Yes, my back and feet will hurt and, yes, my heart will be heavy. But for a unique few, this week marks yet another circle around the sun missing a loved one.

Taken too soon.

Another cycle of seasons, holidays, and anniversaries with an empty seat at the table and a marked vacancy in the daily routine. An ever-present passenger they must carry.

These are the folks for whom I will walk. These are the families and loved-ones I will salute. These are the ones who, god willing, shall never walk alone.

Police Week 2019. To most, it is another passage of a week. To some, it will be the annual reminder of the one they hold in their hearts. May they never walk alone. May they never be forgotten. Rest In Peace, warriors.

About the writer: Pat is a 19+ year cop, father, community volunteer, LEMA Honor Guard and Fraternal Order of Police member. I'm always seeking ways to serve my community, my brothers and sisters in blue, and advocate for ways to improve the lives of cops, families, and survivors.

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