For questions or more information on becoming a member or the benefits provided, contact Committee Chair Ashley P. at To submit a membership application, click here.

defining a member

Backing the Blue Line recognizes both a member role and a supporter role for our organization. A member must meet the qualifications for membership. A supporter does not hold any member benefits but is allowed to seek support via our Facebook forum.


The Membership Chair receives and reviews membership applications. The chair will background the application and approve qualified applicants.

Upon acceptance, the member will be emailed a membership packet including a welcome letter and a contact list. You may pick your signature rose pin up at any of our meetings. The member will be added to the membership database and marketing list.

The member will be contacted by committee chairs if a committee interest had been designed on the application.


Candidates for Membership:

  • Must be in a long term committed relationship or married to a law enforcement officer that works in the State of Minnesota.
  • Have the willingness to participate in the organization’s efforts in the community.
  • Must complete a membership application form and submit the yearly dues requirement ($25). The membership chair will background and approve submitted applications. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Support the law enforcement community in Minnesota
  • Opportunities to serve on committees
  • Leadership opportunities as committee chairs or Board of Directors for qualified individuals
  • Discounts on BTBL Events and Marketing Items
  • Preferred Seating at the BTBL Ball
  • Ability to Vote for Officer Elections
  • Recognition on our website as member (not required)
  • Only members will be able to prepare for and represent BTBL at funerals

of membership

  • Members are required to meet the financial obligations of the organization through annual dues.
  • Members are encouraged to attend and support events hosting by Backing the Blue Line.
  • The organization encourages members to aspire to leadership or committee roles. 

removal of members or supporters

  • Members are expected to support the organization and its vision statement.
  • Members are expected to communicate with respect to each other in person and online.
  • Members may be asked to remove themselves if they no longer fit the qualifications of membership or they no longer support our vision in a respectful manner. Dues already paid will not be refunded or prorated.